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Tablet-based and aircraft-dedicated Electronic Flight Bag systems

Connecting the aircraft

NAVAERO provides tablet-based and aircraft-dedicated Electronic Flight Bag systems to airlines as tools for increasing their operational efficiency and solving problems more effectively. 

Collecting aircraft data and communicating the airborne data to ground operations for real time analysis through EFB systems and connectivity technology opens up a new world in terms of airline operating economics. This is achieved through a simple add-on option (UAID) to cockpit-mounted and powered EFB solutions…personal electronic devices (PEDs) that enable paperless cockpit operations.

Tablet EFB systems

This system is a generic PMA’d technical installation solution that allows for aircraft deployment of virtually any commercially available COTS tablet device. Its strength lies in the adaptability, flexibility and upgradeability of the system architecture and the design of the component parts, maintaining full airworthiness compliance. It has been designed to grow and adapt as customer needs and market trends change. Should a change-out of devices be required for one that utilizes a different footprint or connector, a solution can be quickly and easily implemented with minimal impact to aircraft certification, downtime, and cost.

Aircraft dedicated EFB systems

NAVAERO has designed the tBagC22 platform as a modular EFB system that enables internal CPU components to be “upgraded” without modifications to the units structural form factor. Basic parts such as memory, processor and storage can be easily and cost affordably upgraded as technology demands require without any impact to installation or certification…done in a design-controlled and extended life-cycle environment. The system offers numerous display and communication options.

Ancillary products

To support our EFB solutions, NAVAERO has developed a number of related technology products to further extend the functionality of the EFB system.

t·Com EFB System Communications Module

  • Offering 802.11b/g/n and HSPD+/HSDPA/UMTS wireless connectivity as well as connections to installed Satcom solutions

Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAID)

  • Interfacing the aircraft buses and status discrete signals
  • Storage and forwarding of data for QAR and life-QAR
  • Acting as a network switch with server and NFS storage capabilities

t·Cam Cockpit Door Surveillance System

  • Cabin and cargo compartment video surveillance system employing the use of high-resolution video cameras in combination with specially developed EFB-deployed software to capture and record images from all installed cameras.

Engineering services

NAVAERO Engineer Services provide our customers with Supplemental Type Certifications along with customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. NAVAERO has designed novel and agile certification initiatives that allow for the deployment of both the t·Bag™C22 EFB system as well as the installation components for the Tablet EFB system. Presently, NAVAERO offers EASA and FAA EFB STCs and numerous local authority approvals on the following aircraft types: 



BAE 146/Avro RJ70/85/100

















ATR 42/72


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