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Wireless In-flight Entertainment
Airline passengers can stream content securely during their flight

Wireless IFE all the way

WISE™ is a wireless inflight entertainment solution that allows airline passengers to stream wireless IFE content securely on their mobile devices during their flight. We can supply any combination of content for your passengers to enjoy, including movies, TV shows, audio, games, moving map and digital publications.

A wise solution

WISE™ offers numerous benefits. It works with or without inflight connectivity and supports all major operating systems and browsers. Its Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution is approved by major Hollywood studios, and you can also use it as an optional revenue-generating payment solution.

Wide choice of hardware partners

WISE™ is a hardware-agnostic solution that renowned industry hardware partners have chosen both as a complete wireless inflight entertainment system or as part of their existing offering. Our wireless hardware partners include:


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